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Introduction »Spring traps» TSB30N - Tent spring trap for trapping small birds. Base dimensions: 30x30 cm


TSB30N - Tent spring trap for trapping small birds. Base dimensions: 30x30 cm

The upper part is covered with netting.


Product no.: 002
Manufacturer: MOUDRY
without Tax : 45.80 EUR
including Tax (21 %):
55.42 EUR

into the basket:

This trap is often requested for hot and sunny areas as an alternative for a classic TSB30C trap.

  • Bottom specifications: brown polyamide netting, mesh size 11x11 mm

  • Upper part specifications: black polyamide netting, mesh size 10x10 mm

  • Frame colour: dull chocolate brown (RAL8017)

Two pieces of triggers are delivered together with each trap.

This spring trap is suitable for trapping the birds, which are difficult to catch using mist nets (e.g. wheatear, stone-chat, whinchat, redstart, black-redstart, shrikes but also other insectivorous birds up to the size of blackbird).
This traps can be successfully used near nests and in all localities where it is impossible to prepare the vegetation for the set up of the mist nets.


Setting up the trap.

The spring traps are best applied in places where you observe the birds you want to catch as they collect their foods. It is practical to rake up the surface soil and to camouflage the bottom part or whole trap at the place you want to set it.


Live meal worm (larva of Tenebrio molitor) is usually used as a bait.

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